Batch 10:   Starts 13 NOV 2019        Ends 04 DEC 2019


The Certified Manager

Learn how business works in various sized firms and arm yourself with the essential management skills to make better decisions, build more effective teams, and manage change and crisis in order to drive a better result for the overall objective.

Who Will Benefit

This course is designed for front line managers in every industry responsible for leading teams in order to create organizational objectives.

If you have P&L responsibility, this course is for you as well.

Course Topics

Session 1:

Management Essentials:

Management as a Process

Session 2:

Management Essentials:

Better Decision Making &

Better Communication

Session 3:

Leadership Essentials:

Building & Motivating Teams

Session 4:

Leadership Essentials:

Managing and Implementing Change

Session 5:

Roles in Management:

Administration, Finance & Accounting, Legal

Session 6:

Roles in Management:

Marketing & Sales, Operations & HR

Session 7:

Leadership Essentials:

Strategic Planning

Session 8:

Commencement Activity


Racky Torres Manalastas

"Your brand story explains how you are different so you can have a compelling reason why customers would get you."

Natalie Tarin Jacobsen

"You have to have passion at the work place in order to be successful. Equally important is having the right team for the job at hand."

Rob Pengson

"The 4M framework is a great way to understand how businesses get started and managed. Knowing what parts perform which functions helps you adapt your management style effectively."

Program Details

DURATION: 4 Sessions | 7-Hour per session


REGULAR PRICE: P39,150 (VAT & Materials Included)

EARLY BIRD PROMO: P30,000 (Single Payment)

INSTALLMENT : P32,000 (Two Payments: P17,000 + P15,000))

CREDIT STATUS: Open Enrollment

AUDIENCE: Aspiring Entrepreneurs aged 18 Years Old and Above

"I was a flight attendant for 15 years and now I have transitioned into being a resort owner in El Nido Palawan. Integra's approach is realistic and practical and that is why I am a proud Integra student"

- Clara Day Herrera

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