Education has changed my life for the better every time I set out to learn something new; it has also given me many opportunities and blessings in a personal and professional capacity that I am increasingly grateful for. I gave my first class in 2003 and I quickly fell in love with the positive life changing effect had on real-world education. I have seen students who have failed in the traditional education system flourish in new and alternative learning environments. Since then, It remains my personal mission to provide you with world-class life changing education in practical and relevant subject matters.


As you begin your journey, I extend to you my personal guarantee that what you learn is the best of the best current industry practices. We aim to provide you with remarkable teachers, an outstanding learning environment, a nourishing internal team to assist and guide you in your journey, and after program opportunities that will help you achieve both personal and professional success.


I do this with the team for you because we believe that education has the power to change lives; and you, have the power to shape our future and take us all to a better place.


Forever at your service,


Rob Pengson

Founder / CEO / President

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