Integra Business School is focused to teaching young professionals about top level best practices in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and emerging workplace skills. Integra believes that the responsibility of caring for the world’s economy and well-being lies in the hands of the next generation leaders and thus aims to equip these future leaders with the skills they need in order to produce triple-bottom-line results for themselves, their firm, and the planet.


The academic methodology of the Integra Business School mixes theory and practice with relevant case studies and activities in order for students to fully grasp the subject matter at hand. The real-world application method is continually stressed in all classes to simulate exactly what is required in the actual workplace.


  • Learn Live – Attend class live in campus or have Integra Business School facilitate customized corporate training in your firm.

  • Learn Online – Integra Business School is a pioneer Filipino firm in global online business education. Integra designs, builds and produces online learning courses for B2B clients.

  • Customized Corporate Training - Our management courses are suitable for developing your human capital.


Integra boasts an outstanding roster of senior faculty and mentors perfectly positioned as mentor and professors to next generation leaders. The founding partners are committed to continuous program development and updates and provide students with opportunities to network with a wider audience. Furthermore, the faculty at Integra Business School are 100% exceptional practitioners in their field and professional subject matters experts so students can be guaranteed the best of the best education.

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